Tokens such as smart cards, RFID cards, photo ID’s or physical keys can be lost, stolen, duplicated or left at home, but not your fingers. No other solution except a biometric solution can provide the level of security needed for critical applications like payroll or access control.


All the Pro's of a Biometric System

    1. Biometric systems are capable of recognizing people swiftly, consistently, and reliably.
    2. One of the main advantages associated with biometric technology is high individual identification accuracy.
    3. Since biometric characteristics cannot be conjectured or stolen, biometric systems present a superior level of security to usual means of authentication.
    4. Biometric technology is less exposed to damage and sudden changes. The behavioral and physical elements accessed for biometric verification like iris/retina, voice, pulse, DNA, vein, etc. are less in danger to damage and sudden changes.
    5. Another vital advantage of biometric technology is that it is less time consuming, dependable, user friendly, hard to falsify, requires negligible training, and is inexpensive.
    6. Biometric technology can be used in a lot of industries such as healthcare, civil ID, business, schools, financial industries etc, even at home. A lot of countries have already used biometric technology for voter registration, national ID, and national healthcare or e-passport projects.
    7. With the flourishing of Internet based businesses and the increased requirement for accurate verification when accessing accounts, biometric technology turns out to be the best and most suitable solution for secure mobile transaction identification.
    8. Biometric technology can be used to avert illicit access to ATMs, cellular phones, smart cards, desktop PCs, workstations, and computer networks.
    9. With biometrics technology, fingerprints won’t be lost and can’t be attained and copied by someone aiming to illegally gain access.
    10. Biometrics can be coupled with other features such as the date and time of day. This is useful to monitor access and to manage Time and Attendance for security or payroll purposes.

Why use Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions

We recommend biometric terminals wherever possible:

  • Eliminates buddy-punching
  • Reduces administration
  • Prevents the risk of lost or misplaced cards

Many companies rely on paper-based clock-cards or timesheets, and then retype the data into spreadsheets and accounts systems. Despite hours of typing, processing and cross-checking, the results are often inaccurate and lends itself to fraud and human error.

RFID cards and security badges are not 100% accurate as they can be loaned or stolen. Any employee can use the excuse of a lost card to avoid clocking.

Our Solution: Timemin

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